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What is is a new, and exciting, approach to women’s golf coaching. It’s different to the normal approach as it’s designed to break down some of the barriers to how the game is taught and how it can be played.

I am delighted to have been accepted as part of the UK Team to cover the Dorset Area.

As stated above, this program has been designed specifically for women who want to learn golf but in a non-traditional way. Of course I will need to cover some basics but we won’t be hitting ball after ball on a driving range. We’re out to have fun!

A course comprises of weekly sessions of 90 minutes or experience days/evenings lasting 2 – 3 hours. To try and cater for everyone I’ll be hosting the events at different courses in the Dorset area. All sessions will be played in a group (max group size: 10), so round up your work colleagues or family members and arrange a get-together doing something different. There is no need to worry about dress code or equipment as everything is provided for you.

Group photo of ladies attending the first session held by Kelly Bridges in Dorset
Ladies Taster Session Tuesday 26th June - Canford School Golf Course

Taster Session @ Canford School Golf Club

Our very first Love.Golf taster session was held at Canford School Golf Course in June 2018.

Read more about the first Dorset session and find links to other posts on my blog at Kelly Bridges Golf Blog.

If you are interested in dates for additional follow-on courses and one-off experience days you will find these posted on various social media outlets so please follow me on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch.

Of course you can always get in touch direct using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Beginners' Course News

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Beginners' Courses and Follow-Up Sessions

Following the success of previous Taster and Follow-On sessions I'm hoping to run
further one-off sessions throughout 2021 as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Details will be posted on my Facebook page and emailed out to subscribers in my newsletter.

If you'd like to be advised when these events are being held please like my Facebook page
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If you have questions about any aspect of fun sessions at either Broadstone or Canford School, what to wear, do I need to buy anything please etc just drop me an email so I can provide all the details and, more importantly, let me reassure you that you too, can!

Want to know more about the about the program, view case studies and sign up for their newsletter? Please visit the website.

Prefer to have individual golf lessons tailored for you? Head over to my ladies page for more information.

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Kelly is available for individual, group and lessons at either Broadstone Golf Club or Canford School Golf Club.
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