Ladies Golf Lessons in Bournemouth, Dorset

Are you a lady looking to get into golf for the first time or are an experienced player wanting to focus on a particular area of your game?
Would you prefer 1-2-1 coaching or more informal fun golf with like-minded individuals?
Do you want regular golf lessons or ad-hoc ones to brush up your skills in a particular area?
Never been out on a golf course before and wondering how you start?

Whatever your needs, fears or apprehensions, I can offer a range of golf coaching suited to your age, ability, skill level and availability.

Golf for Beginners

If you are a total beginner to the game of golf let me reassure you that I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I KNOW how daunting it can be. It’s my job to pull apart any preconceived ideas you may have about the game and walk you through the basics of the golf swing, the terminology, the etiquette and, more importantly, to make the lessons fun!

Experienced Players

If you are already playing the game but want to improve your handicap, drive the ball further, improve your short game or just play more consistently we can create a customised program for you. This program may well include on-course tuition so we can check and develop strategies for shot and club selection and course management. Not everyone can play like Laura Davies and make those unbelievable recovery shots!
For those wanting to understand more about the golf swing, club delivery, ball flight, club-head speed and other characteristics, we have access to Trackman, the industry leading swing analysis tool, to help us explain the numbers to you.

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Using Trackman in a ladies golf lesson in Bournemouth - Fun Beginner Golf Classes for Women

Group Golf experience for women. Try golf in a relaxed, friendly venue with no worry about dress code. Much much more than hitting golf balls on a range. This is Fun! Find out more here..

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Kelly is available for individual, group and lessons at either Broadstone Golf Club or Canford School Golf Club.
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