Junior Golf Lessons in Bournemouth, Dorset

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Throughout my professional career as a golf coach, I’ve worked with juniors; taking some of my more talented students from complete beginners to experienced players representing their club and county in competitive matches.

Junior lessons I deliver are conducted mainly at Broadstone Golf Club but may also be held at Canford School Golf Club.
I also deliver Tri-Golf,  a special form of golf for very young children in primary schools, throughout the Dorset area.

Types of lessons:

  • Junior Group Sessions – Regular weekly coaching
  • Individual Lessons – Focussed coaching to suit a child’s needs and ability
  • Junior Golf Camps
  • Tri-Golf – FUN, energetic taster sessions delivered to Primary Schools
  • Schools Golf – Coach to Canford School Golf Team

Lessons at Broadstone Golf Club

There are a variety of lessons and coaching for juniors at Broadstone. The main programmes are held on Saturday mornings and are organised in groups based on ability; so that a child can progress with others who are at a similar stage of their development.

Current sessions are:

09:00 – 10:00am Girls Only
10:15 – 11:15am Beginners
11.30 – 12.30pm Intermediate
12.45 – 13.45pm Advanced Class

Sessions are run in blocks of either 6 or 7 weeks and in conjunction with school term time.

Junior Golf Passport

To ensure a structured approach for juniors to learn how to play golf, we follow the national incentive scheme sponsored by HSBC. “HSBC Golf Roots” is the Golf Foundation’s programme to enhance the lives of young people through playing golf, and contained within that programme is the Junior Golf Passport.

This is a structured learning approach for children aged 6-12 but we do not apply this rigidly and are flexible around each individual child’s needs. You can read more about the programme and all the key areas covered on the Junior Golf Passport website.

Junior Golf Holiday Camps

During school or half-term¬† holidays, we provide golf holiday camps that provide an opportunity for children to have fun whilst they try out a new sport. If they are already playing the camps simply give children a chance to play more golf! These fun sessions do not form part of the Golf Passport programme so they can bring any of their friends along to see what’s involved.

Individual Coaching for Children

Not all children are comfortable learning golf in a group although I encourage this if at all possible. For those who prefer 1-2-1 coaching I provide a structured approach that covers all the basics and fundamentals of golf to include swing, short game, course strategy, rules, and etiquette.

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Kelly is available for individual, group and Love.golf lessons at either Broadstone Golf Club or Canford School Golf Club.
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