Women's Golf Lessons in Dorset

Over the years in the golf industry, I have gained experience developing women’s golf academies in the Middle East and the UK. Wherever I have been involved with delivering women’s golf lessons, the underlying theme that emerges is they normally like to learn together in smaller groups and love the social side that encompasses this. I have spent many lessons in fits of giggles and it is important to me that I try to ensure people feel relaxed and have fun whenever they are learning the game of golf.

So if you are a total beginner to the game of golf and it all seems a little daunting, let me reassure you that it is my job to pull apart any preconceived ideas you may have about the game and walk you through the basics of the golf swing. I’ll also cover the terminology, the etiquette and, more importantly, I’ll make the lessons relaxed and enjoyable.

To do this I can coach you individually so that I can tailor lessons just for you or, you can join our beginner group classes under the Love.golf group experience. This format allows you to try golf in a relaxed, friendly venue with no worry about the dress code. It’s much much more than hitting golf balls on a range. This is Fun!

Whatever route you choose to learn to play golf, I’m here for you. Just head over to my contact page, fill in your details and I’ll be in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

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Love.golf - Beginner Golf Lessons for Women in Dorset

Image of Kelly Bridges standing with ladies PGA Tour professional, Carin Koch, brand ambassador for Love.golf who deliver FUN women's golf lessons and beginner golf classes via an International program
Love.golf Ambassador Carin Koch and Kelly

Watch the video below to hear what women say about Love.golf

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I am delighted to be part of the international Love.golf community and am the only coach in the Dorset area to offer this program. Love.golf is a new and exciting approach to providing women’s golf lessons due to breaking down some of the barriers as to how the game is taught and how it can be played.

The Love.golf method to teaching has been specifically designed after intensive research and is all about learning on the golf course. Fundamental skills and techniques are still introduced throughout the sessions; however, they are always in context to a specific situation. Eg. how to play a particular shot they are faced with there and then during their lesson on the course. The idea is to spend less time on the driving range and more time learning in the real golf environment: “the course”.

All of the group classes I deliver are focused on creating a relaxed, fun environment where people feel comfortable to ask questions and laughter is always prescribed.

A Love.golf course comprises either weekly 90-minute sessions or experience days/evenings lasting 2-3 hours. The max number of people per group session is 8. There is no need to worry about dress codes, please wear what you feel comfortable in and what equipment to bring, as I will provide clubs and golf balls during any of the coaching sessions.

If you still have any questions about any aspect of the Love.golf fun sessions at either Broadstone Golf Club or Canford School or would like to know when the next course is starting please drop me an email or fill out the contact form.

If you would like to know more about the Love.golf program, which has professional coaches in Panama, Canada, Spain & the UK, view case studies and sign up for their newsletter please visit the Love.golf website.

Women's Golf Lessons - Taster Sessions

Group photo of ladies attending the first Love.golf session held by Kelly Bridges in Dorset
First Love.golf taster session for women - Canford School Golf Course

The very first Love.golf taster session for Dorset was held at Canford School Golf Course in June 2018. Read about the first time fifteen ladies picked up a golf club on my blog post at Love.golf Taster Session #1.

Image of 10 ladies who attended 2nd Love.golf aster session for beginners at Broadstone Golf Club
Second Love.golf taster session for women only - Broadstone Golf Club

Ten ladies, who have never played before, joined us for a Love.golf taster session which was held at Broadstone Golf Club in September 2018. Read about how they got on using brand new Ping clubs on my blog post at Love.golf Taster Session #2

If you are interested in dates for additional follow-on courses and one-off experience days you will find these posted on various social media outlets so please follow me on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch.

Image of kelly bridges silhouette completing her golf backswing alongside official logo of Love.golf

2021 Beginners' Courses
Are In Full Swing!

Women's Group Classes Are back!
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30 - 11.00am
Broadstone Golf Club

Come along try for yourself, have fun and meet new people. No equipment needed, just a sense of humour, comfy clothes and trainers. A 6-week course costs £90 as a one-off payment and includes Tea/Coffee on the patio after each session.

Individual Lessons

If you would prefer to learn on a 1-2-1 basis, then I offer individual lessons customised to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a course of lessons covering the basic fundamentals, learning how to play a specific shot you haven’t quite mastered or an on-course session looking at club selection and course management, then I would love to help you.

Further details of course packages and costs can be found in the lesson prices section of the homepage .

For those wanting to understand more about the golf swing, club delivery, ball flight, club-head speed and other characteristics, we have access to Trackman, which is the industry-leading swing analysis tool, to help us explain the numbers to you.

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Using Trackman in a ladies golf lesson in Bournemouth

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Kelly is available for individual, group, junior, mens, and women's golf lessons at either Broadstone Golf Club or Canford School Golf Club.
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